Center for Networked Intimacy



The first iteration of the Center for Networked Intimacy workshop took place at FLUT and Stadtwerkstatt in Linz, Austria during a residency at

The subtitle of the workshop - Valentines for relationships in the digital era - gave a clue towards the activity that the audience took part in during the workshop. During the 3 hour workshop the participants followed a presentation that introduced the notion of "ambient awareness" - a key term for the creation of the postcards, as it refers to knowing about another's actions, thoughts and experiences without having to be near the person physically, and without specifically requesting such information. Following the presentation the participants reflected on a recipient of the card - a person they are ambiently aware of - and went on to create the physical cards while recording a personalized audio message to the person they've fallen out of touch with.
This workshop was made possible with the support of

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